Man-made brainpower is a machine with the capacity to take care of issues that are generally done by people with our common insight. Man-made reasoning can characterize a part of software engineering which is related to causing machines, to carry on like people by giving a legitimate reason. It was first authored in 1956 by JOH MC CARTHY at DARTMOUTH gathering, Massachusetts Institute of innovation.

Nowadays it has turned into a trendy expression in the digital field. It picked up energy as of late and made life simpler. It is a reproduction of the human insight process by machines. It is utilized in practically every one of the segments like instruction, well being, legitimate and so on.


There’s been a lot of hype about Artificial Intelligence, chat-bots, Robots, and like other things, I will cover all this topic in depth now. If you want, in-depth knowledge about it, so you can check my Artificial Intelligence post.

Robot cant look into your eyes

As we already know, machine will not destroy human man kind, as long as we remember machines learning are in-service to man kind.
Last Night I was watching a movie, in that movie the Astronaut was to land perfectly, but there was some problem and he ask Robot to say the situation over there, the hero was reliable on Robot and the Robot answer something and exactly the Hero has done that, but unfortunately, the landing was not gone perfectly and the hero was died due to inappropriate judgmental decision taken from the advice of
So just be careful of what we are doing and on whom to believe definitely. That’s the biggest lesson we want to learn it.

Solve Annoying Interview Puzzles

You wont want your A.I to solve everything. There was a Russian mathematician named “Yuri Matiyasevich” uses turing theory to show that, computers cant even do a single and simple interview puzzles solve by their own .
for eg. Ram has some Apples and he had given half to sham and after that the 3rd one to Sameer, then how many Apples does Ram has now ?
such type of simple questions also, cant be done using Robots

Write Software

The software , we use daily , done a very greatefull job even if it has some bugs in it, but still, it is very useful software. We know that computer cant find all the bugs which are found in the software, the main question is why they cant write a useful software for us ?

Fred Brooks explained that, in the Mythical Man Month that writing software involves understanding the essential complexity, of the real world and turning them into a Real world.

A.I does not have human facility of understanding . Artificial Intelligence cant write complex software because they don’t understand.

Make Moral Choices

Normal people make Normal choices of their own color and even they can think after thinking the future happening, so to avoid the next result and can make a perfect choice for better understanding. But the Robots cant think by their own choice.


 Mechanical procedure mechanization, Natural language processing(NLP), Pattern Recognition, Machine vision, Machine learning, Robotics, and so on .. are a few models where man-made brainpower is drilled.

Writing Funny Jokes

For writing any kind of Jokes, you will need a Great Humor which will blow anyone’s mind and cant control herself/himself, Laughing after reading some Jokes.

Writing Good Novels

The upcoming and rise of companies like Narrative Science and the use of Algorithm for sport reporting shows that writing is not out of reach for today’s computer.
We cant even image that, robots could be thinking of their own and put points of their own mind to express their own feelings yet. So Writing a very Good Novels, cannot be done by Artificial Intelligence nowadays.

Robots – the things that artificial intelligence cannot do

Despite the fact that it had 60 years of history it neglects to carry out certain responsibilities. Alan Turing was the principal man to find that man-made reasoning had constraints. It can not respond to each address, coming up next are the few employments where computerized reasoning can not perform.

Man-made reasoning can not exercise through and with full freedom. They should pursue the principles which they are customized in it.
The planned program in the machine that won’t enable it to exercise unrestrained choice, by experience and time, these machines learn without anyone else, then again, the activities of people are flighty, they are not prearrange.

PCs can not settle for non-PC based legitimate scientific riddles. Forming music is likewise a sort of non-PC based riddle, be that as it may, people can make various sorts out of music, love confounds speculations whenever gave them some time.

Roger Penrose and JR Lucas announced that Artificial insight can just pursue the guidelines and perform activities as indicated by customized rules. Though people thoroughly consider the book to find and develop numerous things and man-made brainpower is one among them.

Machines with man-made brainpower can not address the inquiries which are posed in the interviews. Tt was demonstrated by a Russian mathematician named yuri matiysevich  utilized Turing’s hypothesis to demonstrate this.

 Another zone that is hard for Artificial Intelligences is, discovering bugs in programming. Try not to misunderstand me, man-made consciousness might be a major assistance in searching.
For example, if we recommend, there is a bug, however a little-known hypothesis by Gordon Rice stretches out Turing’s unique verification to indicate PC projects, that can’t realize anything intriguing about another PC program.

So an AI can’t know whether a PC program is without bug, regardless of whether it will blue screen or whether it will give you an out of memory blunder. Without a doubt, one PC program can’t reveal to you anything non-trifling about another and since AIs are, at their heart, just PC programs they can’t enable you to compose any bug software.

The programming we use in our every day lives, containing bugs, however is as yet valuable.  We realize PCs can’t discover all bugs, however for what reason wouldn’t they be able to compose valuable programming for us?


Fred Brooks clarified in The Mythical Man Month that composition programming includes understanding the fundamental multifaceted nature of this present reality and transforming that into guidelines.
John Searle’s Chinese Room contention says “AI does not have the human workforce of comprehension. Man-made brains can’t compose complex programming since they don’t ‘get it'”.

Malcolm Gladwell brings up in his book Blink that individuals settle on prompt good decisions and afterward break down them sometime later to fit the guidelines. The decisions give off an impression of being enthusiastic, not expository.

Computerized reasoning just uses rules. A hypothesis by Kurt Gödel says that whenever you have a framework with formal principles there will be issues those guidelines can’t reply – the framework will be deficient.
So in spite of the fact that PCs can comply with the law – and we would do well to pick up the pace and program them all with Isaac Asimov’s three laws of apply autonomy – they can’t manage new circumstances.

 Regardless of having an entire 5 years to prepare computerized reasoning named “Today Robot”, a group of Japanese analysts were not able to build up an AI calculation equipped for accomplishing scores on Japan’s brought together affirmation test for national colleges which would qualify it for section into Japan’s top college.

when we ask Siri, Alexa, google now, amazon reverberation. Google home and so on, which is out of its program that can’t reply.

 sustenance given by guardians to youngsters can not be supplanted by machines with fake intelligence. Machines with computerized reasoning can not give innovative plans. Machines can not supplant people.
They can’t make ponders alone.  People alongside the assistance of innovation can make ponders in the upcoming futures.


From the overall post, we conclude that, there are still some things for Artificial Intelligence where they cant use their mega mind to solve those issues on their own or cant create any new things by their own. The Robots all time need, the help of Human Nature to build or some kind of Instructions to solve those issues in a smother way.


Video source – YouTube Video – Circuit Breaker

Difference Between Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

Difference Between Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

In this blog, we are going to see the Difference between  Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence , that will change our way of thinking towards Machines.

The concept of machine learning algorithms came into existence in the late 18th century and early 19th century. It is a branch of computer science which is closely related to Data Mining and artificial intelligence. It is an incredibly powerful numerical tool which enables the machine to solve algorithms through experience. These algorithms are not programmed before for such things.

Machine learning enables the system to recognize patterns on the basis of existing algorithms and data and intern develops solutions. Its primary aim is to learn by itself without human interference. The machine learning system is made up of 3 major parts .

1.  Model creation.
2. parameter detection.
3. Learning algorithm.

Machine learning algorithm considers assumptions about the targeted function and starts the estimation with a hypothesis. As time passes the hypothesis may differ from time to time for the better output, some iterations of the hypothesis are made by itself with human intervention.

  In the university of oxford researches and data, scientists are combining statistics and computer science to build algorithms that can solve more complex problems with higher efficiency by using less computing power.

From medical diagnosis to social media, from self-driving cars (Tesla) to the announcement of the presidential result the machine learning is widely used. The potential of machine learning In transforming the world is fabulous now days.

Machine Learning Flow Chart

 Supervised machine algorithm, unsupervised machine-learning algorithm, semi-supervised machine learning algorithm, reinforcement machine learning algorithm are some of the machine learning algorithms.

Machine learning is one of the modern innovation which helped human beings to enhance their skills in the day to day activities. It has created history in mankind by the invention of self-driving cars (TESLA) where the machine itself drive the car without the command of the humans. Drones are used for the quick service for delivery of commodities.

Typical calculations and algorithms can be solved. It helps in doing multiple tasks quickly and accurately where humans take significant time and lack accuracy. For example, advanced computing in genetics to determine molecular properties. It also helps in analyzing a large amount of data and solve the algorithms.

 Machine learning also helps in reaching the remote places under the oceans to get knowledge and extract poly-metallic materials which adds prosperity to mankind. It is also used in space technology.

In the medical sector machine learning is used in the critical surgeries which are related to brain eyes etc.. It also helps in the analyze of patients data and also to find suitable solutions.

It helps during the time of natural disasters and man-made disasters where the scope to reach humans is very difficult. It also reaches the expectations of mass production of goods to reach the needs of the burgeoning population.

         It can also be used in the Defence sector where the machine replaces the humans. This can reduce the loss of human life.

     Virtual personal assistants  (Siri, Alexa, google now, amazon echo, Google home) is made possible with machine learning. Traffic prediction, an online transportation network is also made possible.

      Though it has a number of positive sides it does have a negative face like loss of employment, use of machine learning during the war can destroy mankind because of its advanced weapon technology. These high-end technologies can only be affordable by the rich in the society.

Artificial intelligence :

artificial intelligence

   The term Artificial Intelligence is coined in 1956 by JOH MC CARTHY at Dartmouth conference Massachusetts institute of technology. Because of the tremendous increase in the availability of data artificial intelligence has gained importance in recent years. It comprises of two words 1st artificial refers to something which is made by humans not natural and 2nd is intelligence refers to the ability to understand and think.

 Machine learning and artificial intelligence are closely related. The difference level between those 2 is very thin. These days they are used interchangeably. One of the popular application of artificial intelligence is machine learning in which machine performs via cognition i.e., by reason.

Artificial intelligence is used in all most all the sectors like health, education, space, communication, weather forecasting, fraud detection, business, finance, manufacturing, gaming, political, etc.

Lets us now see the Difference Between Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence :

Artificial intelligenceMAchine Learning
A.I is human Intelligence demonstrated by machines to perform simple to complex tasks. It provides machines to ability to learn and understand without being explicitly programmed.
It is based on characteristic of human Intelligence.It is based on System of Probability.
It is used in Health care, Finance, aviation, marketing, media, etc.It is used for optical character recognition,web security, etc.

          How machine learning is different from artificial intelligence.

1.     Artificial intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge of my machine whereas machine learning is learning through experience.

2.     The main aim of machine learning is to increase efficiency and accuracy in a specific field but artificial intelligence focuses on various diversities.

3.     Artificial intelligence is a broad concept while machine learning is a narrow concept.

4.     In the artificial intelligence the machine does smart work like humans .in the machine learning machine takes data and learns from it.

5.     The goal of the artificial intelligence is to provide the machines with reason so that they can think like humans whereas in the machine learning it has to learn by itself from the given data without the human support to maximize the performance of machine on the given task.

6.     In machine learning system learns new things from the provided date but artificial intelligence is decision-making unit.

7.     Artificial intelligence will help in finding the best solutions but the machine learning cannot be sure on its solution.

8.     Artificial intelligence leads to wisdom and machine learning leads to knowledge.


1. Is Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Same ?
Answer : A.I stands for Artificial Intelligence , where Intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire knowledge and ability to apply it practically where as ML Stands for Machine Learning and it is defined as the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience,study or by being taught.

2. What is the Goal of A.I ?
Answer : The main goal of Artificial Intelligence is to create the Expert System : The system which can exhibit intelligent behavior, learn , demonstrate, explain to your audience in easy way language. to implement human intelligence in Machines – Creating system that could understand , think, learn , and behave like humans.

3. Is Siri an A.I ?
Answer : Basically Siri is a spin – off from a project which is developed by the SIRI International Artificial Intelligence Center. By Nuance Communications, Its speech Recognition engine was provided. Siri uses its advanced level of machine learning techniques.
In I phone 4S Siri was integrated in I phone in year October 2011.
IN SHORT – YES SIRI is an A.I Definitely.



This post is all about the difference between the artificial intelligence and machine learning where we humans can adapt the behavior of Robotics machines.    
Artificial Intelligence is considered as a great revolution in the cyber arena where it should be used for the good of mankind rather for the destruction.   

Artificial intelligence is the most broader arena of creating intelligent machines. machine learning is a subset of artificial learning. at the end of the day, both are very important for the efficient and accurate outcome in all the sectors.