We develop technology to replace our muscles. A lot of things has been replaced with the help of technology.  200 years ago 90% of the population involved in the agricultural sector by the invention and development in the machines industrial revolution has taken place most of the people who worked in the agricultural sector and now shifted to the industrial decade, the term Artificial Intelligence has become a hot word.

Artificial Intelligence is encompassed with two words.  Artificial and Intelligence. The foremost term refers to something which is made by humans in other words not natural and the second term refers to the ability to think, understand and apply reason.

            The word artificial intelligence was coined by  “JOH MC CARTHY“ in1956  at Dartmouth conference Massachusetts institute of technology. It is a branch of computer science which is concerned with making machines to behave like humans by equipping with the proper reason (learning, thinking, taking decisions by itself).

             These days artificial intelligence is growing at an exponential rate. It can be seen in almost all the sectors like education, space, health, manufacturing, business, etc. Some experts say that by 2035 computers will just behave as intelligent as humans and by 2050 they will be more intelligent than us.


             Artificial intelligence is nothing but machines thinking like humans. With the help of it, the life of humans became easier. Machines takes up a large amount of data and it analyses by itself.

              For example when we look at the stock market there is a company in the USA, they do 500 million automated  trades per month with the help of a robot which takes up the information and makes decisions for every millisecond which is humanly impossible and makes hundreds of millions of dollars.  The human cannot compete with it because it is moving at the speed of light.

               The services provided by Artificial intelligence in the stream of health is fabulous. They are known for their accuracy and speed. We can use simulated humans for testing of various drugs.

               For example rather testing a cancer-curing drug on rats, monkeys, etc we can do it on simulated humans so that the artificial intelligence in it will develop a theory on cancer drugs. Billions of A.Is will be working together and in the next generation most of the inventions in the medical field will be found by A.I, not by humans.

The current generation machines cannot develop new algorithms by themselves. They are to be externally put into them. But in the next-generation artificial intelligence is going to be more adaptive it is going to be self-learning (intuitively).

               Use of artificial intelligence in the aviation sector will help in the better monetization of flights and it also helps in the prediction of weather which helps the farmers in the developing and less developed countries. Drowns are used for fast delivery in the services.

Tesla autopilot is an advanced self-driving car where the system of driving parking etc is in built-in it. It does not break the traffic rules, it also helps in avoiding accidents.

               Mogla, unveiled is the system of software which are used for predicting winners in the presidential elections. A kind of software has to be developed by the scientists so that the rigging will be avoided during the elections.

Where Exactly we Use Artificial Intelligence assistance currently

               Virtual assistant like Siri, Alexa, google now, amazon echo, Google home, google also are the product of artificial intelligence.  In order to help us, they analyze the countless number of the data source in this modern world. We use them to arrange our plans, make calendars, order food, etc, they are extremely using fully as they anticipate our behavior, better understand our habits.

                 There is a false notation that many people will become unemployed because of artificial intelligence. Indeed many new jobs will be created because of it. In the initial days after the invention of computers, the above notion was spread on a wide scale. Though many people lost their jobs and number of new jobs are created for example call center jobs.

 Artificial intelligence can also be used in space technology. Rather sending humans into space we can send humanoids such that they can provide with data which is not known to humans by this we can reduce expenditure too.

  The adoption of artificial intelligence in the wider society involves dealing with human data which is hindered by the black box problem. In ordered to achieve full potential artificial intelligence needs to be trusted.

 Because of artificial intelligence, we can use humanoid Roberts in war situations by this we can avoid human loss. They can also be used during the time of natural and anthropocentric disasters and also in rescue operations to save the life of innocent people.

We can curb (control)  cyber-crimes, fraud detection can be done easily with the help of artificial intelligence. Purchase prediction can be made in the stock markets by analyzing the huge junk of data.

 With the help of artificial intelligence, we can detect the resources which are not known to humankind. The available data can be used at max.

 Within no time, we can see a society with more technology in terms of smart houses which can understand and change according to the weather conditions. We will live in an improved world.

These days artificial intelligence is playing a gigantic role in human life from self-driving cars to our smartphones. It is seen everywhere.


Artificial Intelligence points towards a future where machines not only do all the physical work but also take decisions on their own.
So according to my point of view, In future, artificial intelligence will create a new impact on everyone life and new jobs openings will be there to train robots and to use it, in to our daily habits.
 overall, they will change the entire problems into a solvable solutions, that will ease our daily routine life in to enjoyable experience.

What will be the future cars when Artificial Intelligence is Everywhere

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