Difference Between Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

Difference Between Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

In this blog, we are going to see the Difference between  Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence , that will change our way of thinking towards Machines.

The concept of machine learning algorithms came into existence in the late 18th century and early 19th century. It is a branch of computer science which is closely related to Data Mining and artificial intelligence. It is an incredibly powerful numerical tool which enables the machine to solve algorithms through experience. These algorithms are not programmed before for such things.

Machine learning enables the system to recognize patterns on the basis of existing algorithms and data and intern develops solutions. Its primary aim is to learn by itself without human interference. The machine learning system is made up of 3 major parts .

1.  Model creation.
2. parameter detection.
3. Learning algorithm.

Machine learning algorithm considers assumptions about the targeted function and starts the estimation with a hypothesis. As time passes the hypothesis may differ from time to time for the better output, some iterations of the hypothesis are made by itself with human intervention.

  In the university of oxford researches and data, scientists are combining statistics and computer science to build algorithms that can solve more complex problems with higher efficiency by using less computing power.

From medical diagnosis to social media, from self-driving cars (Tesla) to the announcement of the presidential result the machine learning is widely used. The potential of machine learning In transforming the world is fabulous now days.

Machine Learning Flow Chart

 Supervised machine algorithm, unsupervised machine-learning algorithm, semi-supervised machine learning algorithm, reinforcement machine learning algorithm are some of the machine learning algorithms.

Machine learning is one of the modern innovation which helped human beings to enhance their skills in the day to day activities. It has created history in mankind by the invention of self-driving cars (TESLA) where the machine itself drive the car without the command of the humans. Drones are used for the quick service for delivery of commodities.

Typical calculations and algorithms can be solved. It helps in doing multiple tasks quickly and accurately where humans take significant time and lack accuracy. For example, advanced computing in genetics to determine molecular properties. It also helps in analyzing a large amount of data and solve the algorithms.

 Machine learning also helps in reaching the remote places under the oceans to get knowledge and extract poly-metallic materials which adds prosperity to mankind. It is also used in space technology.

In the medical sector machine learning is used in the critical surgeries which are related to brain eyes etc.. It also helps in the analyze of patients data and also to find suitable solutions.

It helps during the time of natural disasters and man-made disasters where the scope to reach humans is very difficult. It also reaches the expectations of mass production of goods to reach the needs of the burgeoning population.

         It can also be used in the Defence sector where the machine replaces the humans. This can reduce the loss of human life.

     Virtual personal assistants  (Siri, Alexa, google now, amazon echo, Google home) is made possible with machine learning. Traffic prediction, an online transportation network is also made possible.

      Though it has a number of positive sides it does have a negative face like loss of employment, use of machine learning during the war can destroy mankind because of its advanced weapon technology. These high-end technologies can only be affordable by the rich in the society.

Artificial intelligence :

artificial intelligence

   The term Artificial Intelligence is coined in 1956 by JOH MC CARTHY at Dartmouth conference Massachusetts institute of technology. Because of the tremendous increase in the availability of data artificial intelligence has gained importance in recent years. It comprises of two words 1st artificial refers to something which is made by humans not natural and 2nd is intelligence refers to the ability to understand and think.

 Machine learning and artificial intelligence are closely related. The difference level between those 2 is very thin. These days they are used interchangeably. One of the popular application of artificial intelligence is machine learning in which machine performs via cognition i.e., by reason.

Artificial intelligence is used in all most all the sectors like health, education, space, communication, weather forecasting, fraud detection, business, finance, manufacturing, gaming, political, etc.

Lets us now see the Difference Between Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence :

Artificial intelligenceMAchine Learning
A.I is human Intelligence demonstrated by machines to perform simple to complex tasks. It provides machines to ability to learn and understand without being explicitly programmed.
It is based on characteristic of human Intelligence.It is based on System of Probability.
It is used in Health care, Finance, aviation, marketing, media, etc.It is used for optical character recognition,web security, etc.

          How machine learning is different from artificial intelligence.

1.     Artificial intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge of my machine whereas machine learning is learning through experience.

2.     The main aim of machine learning is to increase efficiency and accuracy in a specific field but artificial intelligence focuses on various diversities.

3.     Artificial intelligence is a broad concept while machine learning is a narrow concept.

4.     In the artificial intelligence the machine does smart work like humans .in the machine learning machine takes data and learns from it.

5.     The goal of the artificial intelligence is to provide the machines with reason so that they can think like humans whereas in the machine learning it has to learn by itself from the given data without the human support to maximize the performance of machine on the given task.

6.     In machine learning system learns new things from the provided date but artificial intelligence is decision-making unit.

7.     Artificial intelligence will help in finding the best solutions but the machine learning cannot be sure on its solution.

8.     Artificial intelligence leads to wisdom and machine learning leads to knowledge.


1. Is Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Same ?
Answer : A.I stands for Artificial Intelligence , where Intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire knowledge and ability to apply it practically where as ML Stands for Machine Learning and it is defined as the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience,study or by being taught.

2. What is the Goal of A.I ?
Answer : The main goal of Artificial Intelligence is to create the Expert System : The system which can exhibit intelligent behavior, learn , demonstrate, explain to your audience in easy way language. to implement human intelligence in Machines – Creating system that could understand , think, learn , and behave like humans.

3. Is Siri an A.I ?
Answer : Basically Siri is a spin – off from a project which is developed by the SIRI International Artificial Intelligence Center. By Nuance Communications, Its speech Recognition engine was provided. Siri uses its advanced level of machine learning techniques.
In I phone 4S Siri was integrated in I phone in year October 2011.
IN SHORT – YES SIRI is an A.I Definitely.



This post is all about the difference between the artificial intelligence and machine learning where we humans can adapt the behavior of Robotics machines.    
Artificial Intelligence is considered as a great revolution in the cyber arena where it should be used for the good of mankind rather for the destruction.   

Artificial intelligence is the most broader arena of creating intelligent machines. machine learning is a subset of artificial learning. at the end of the day, both are very important for the efficient and accurate outcome in all the sectors.


example of artificial intelligence

Recentlyon 1st of April 2019 Saudi Arabian has been granted citizenship for SOPHIA (A humanoid Robert) which is as intelligent as humans, even expresses emotions etc because of artificial intelligence. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE can be defines a branch of computer science which is associated with making machines, behave like humans by providing proper reason. It was first coined in 1956 by JOH MC CARTHY at DARTMOUTH conference, Massachusetts institute of technology.

In India center for artificial intelligence and robotics (CAIR) which is established in 1986 is the primary laboratory of DRDO. IT promotes research and development in the areas of defence, information technology, communication sector etc,. It is involved in high secure command services, control and secure communication. INNEFU  is one of the artificial intelligence based company which is in a nascent stage.

These days it has become a buzz word in the cyber arena. It gained momentum in the recent years and made life easier. It is a simulation of human intelligence process by machines. It is used in almost all the sectors like education, health, legal etc…

Robotic process automation, Natural language processing (NLP), Pattern recognition, Machine vision, Machine learning, Robotics, etc .. are some examples where artificial intelligence is practiced.

     Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence-artificialintelligence2050
  1. Artificial intelligence can be used in banking sector for providing assistance, etc.


a. HDFC bank has provided IRA (Intelligent Robotic Assistant)which assist people in the  branch to find the relevant counter for them.

 b. EVA (electronic virtual assistant) can answer common queries of users who log on   to the bank’s website.

 c. The chat box known as SBI intelligent assistant or SIA will help customers with every day banking tasks.

2. Targeted delivery of service can be made with the help of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

3. Smart boarder surveillance can be made with the help of drowns.

4. Weather forecasting can be made practical.

5. Cyber crimes can be controlled at max.


a. Purchase prediction can be made in stock markets.

b. Machine learning algorithms are integrated in the analysis and CRM platforms for better service.

 c. Automation of job positions has become a talking point among academics and IT consultancies.

 7. Fraud detection can be made easily.

8. Online customer support can be provided.

9. During rescue operations Roberts can replace humans.


 a. IBM WATSON and CHATBOTS  are tools which are used for faster accurate diagnosis.

b. Wavelight lasik is used to for laser vision correction surgeries it is known for its speed.


a. Awarding and rewarding of marks, grading of ranks, etc can be done with the help of artificial intelligence.


a. Artificial intelligence can be help in resolving the pending cases especially in India by reducing time by analyzing cases thus better use of time is done.


a. In this sector Roberts are being used from long centuries advanced exponential technologies have emerged.

b. Additive manufacturing which with the help of Artificial intelligence can revolutionize the entire manufacturing ecosystem.



a. artificial intelligence has played a crucial role in this sector. Chess poker etc..  Here in these games machine applies the reason n number of times than humans. It thinks all possible positions based on heuristic knowledge.

15. Aviation sector uses expert system in flights to monitor system status and atmosphere condition.

 16. Error reduction can be made possible with the help of artificial intelligence, it is known for its speed and accuracy.

17. Artificial intelligence is also used in space explorations.

18. Political sector :

a. MogIA is system used to predict winners in elections. Its judgement is based on the interactions on FB,Twitter,Google etc,.

b. Unveiled in 2004 got right in the last 3 presidential elections in USA.



  1. It can help in smart border surveillance.
  2. Targeted delivery of service.
  3. Subsidy can be tuned.
  4. Artificial intelligence helps in big data analysis which further helps for the success of DIGITAL INDIA MISSION.
  5. Weather forecasting which will reduce the loss of both life and property.
  6. Disaster management can be made speedy.
  7. It also can be used in minimizing human interactions in government sectors thus transparency and accountability can be maximized.
  8. It also helps in analyzing the ancient Indian text.
  9. It reaches to that areas where the government is handicapped to provide service.
  10.   NETRA is a software to intercept online communication.

As coin has two faces Artificial intelligence has also has both positive and negative faces. Miss use of it leads to gigantic loss of both humans and property this is clearly shown in ROBERT movie of Rajini kanth. Artificial intelligence replaces humans in many arenas like call centres etc.. The humanisation can be a great threat to human existence. It lacks emotional quotient.           

siri- artificialintelligence2050

From SIRI to Self driving cars ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE has advanced rapidly. It is pointless in debating artificial intelligence is not the light of future. In no time machine will replace human jobs it does not mean the end of humanity but a revolution in the human history.

Industrial revolution is considered as the first revolution in the manufacturing field. Artificial intelligence is considered as fourth industrial revolution. Artificial intelligence has massive potential, but humans must ensure that there will not be any rise of machines which will be out of human control.